Il primo Energy Drink al gusto di Canapa

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Do you like the Canna Bì energy and mind?

Would you like to get into a real tribe made up of people who share your same tastes?

Do you think life is a thrilling experience to share every day?

Then CANNABISE and enjoy with us “The cool taste of energy”!

If you have a thirst for creativity and a Canna Bì style idea in your head, our tribe will be your new home! Share with us your projects, your thoughts, videos, songs, collection of images: put them in a circle giving you the visibility you deserve. In addition, you will be informed about all the activities going on Canna Bì. Do not wait any longer:

A great human adventure such as that undertaken by Daikatzu needed a lot of energy! Canna Bì has provided all of it, to support the virtuous team aim to help schools in Morocco.

Canna Bì takes you higher and higher! This is why sky lovers have chosen us as companions: to “launch” a splash of adrenaline with Tandem Flygang. “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

Energetic and engaging Pop Rock, just like Canna Bì! Even Butijah got Cannabised to ensure his music just the right amount of energy at each concert.

Where there is movement, there is Canna Bì. Parkour lovers, urban athletes of our cities, are getting the charge celebrating sports and healthy competition with Canna Bì.

Canna Bì’s energy is released in time to the beat of the music factory RISERVA SONORA: a dynamic and hyperactive team that chooses to cannabize itself, to pump up the volume and give positive energy to independent music.

Dynamic, creative, energetic:  Canna Bì people take life with enthusiasm! No matter what you deal with, it is enough that your project gets married with the ideals of Canna Bì: relationships, creativity, dynamism, energy, imagination, originality. These are the characteristics we are looking for our Tribe: Cannabise your life with Canna Bì!